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Oct 22, 2014


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I still look back fondly on the hours I spent in the little library in Manhattan Beach,CA where I grew up. I would walk the mile (more or less) to the library and walk back with the maximum number of books allowable to check out. Mind you, this was a long time ago but I still think about how exciting these trips were. I have visited only a couple of libraries since and even though they bring back good memories, they are not quite the same. There are too many signs of technological progress (computers, dvd's, etc.) for the atmosphere to be the same but I still get some sense of the thrill of wandering through the aisles of books on subjects that I would not normally think about. The reference sections are the most fun for me since all the current fiction is so readily available for Kindle (alas, I too have given in).

Anyway, I am so happy that you and Julia have discovered the American Library. It must be so fun for the two of you to bond over books. Maybe I will take a trip to the small Red Lodge Library soon just to get a dose of nostalgia!

Jennifer Bader

We LOVE that library, and we miss Celeste! I think I have a picture on Facebook with her on our last weekly trip to the library before we went back to Baltimore. I still get their emails, and it makes me nostalgic every time they arrive.

Expat Elizabeth

Nancy, that sounds like a great memory of your childhood library. Luckily or unluckily, the libraries here aren't too high-tech, so they definitely still have that old-school atmosphere. Browsing in person really isn't the same as browsing on Amazon, is it? I'd love to visit the one in Red Lodge next time we come to MT (one day!)

Expat Elizabeth

Jennifer, I'd forgotten (or didn't realize) you went there regularly. Another place for us to meet up on your next sabbatical. Happy Halloween!


I go to the Am. Library all the time. I credit it with keeping me sane over the years… having a place to hang out while my kids were at school close by! And yes, Celeste is the best.

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